Trippy Santa Fe

We decided to take a quick getaway to New Mexico for presidents day weekend! We got a promo deal while opening the Southwest Credit card where they gave us the companion pass for FREE!! This means that we can go anywhere Southwest airlines fly to, and get another person for free; which means we can justify taking more vacations!

We arrived in Albuquerque around 1:00 PM and went straight to eat at this very hipster place with delicious food! Upon arrival it was instantly apparent how friendly the people are here and the efficiency at the rental car place was awesome.

Next door there was a brewery, so we had to try the local beer.

After lunch, we drove 1 hour to Santa Fe. We arrived at our hotel right outside the city old center. This hotel, Santa Fe Lodge, was great! We truly recommend it and the only reason we ended up staying here was because the originally booked hotel literally had a fire and burned down!  The hotel  had a free shuttle that takes you to the city for free!! The room was decorated like a Native American village, which was a nice touch.

We arrived at the old town at 5:00 PM. Just in time to see that all the hotels had closed already! As the capital of New Mexico, we were a little disappointed that everything here closes so early that you are forced to stay several days just to try to see some of the city, museums and shops.

For some reason. Christmas goes till March here in New Mexico. They probably never got the memo, but it looked nice, so we let them be.

Because there was absolutely nothing else open, we had to go try our second brewery of the day! We shared another flight of beer, all really good too but ridiculously over priced

For dinner, we wanted to try authentic New Mexico food, which in all honestly, its exactly the same as ” Old Mexico” food, just spicier. When you ask anybody what is the local authentic dish, they say “enchiladas”. I’m sorry to break it  to you New Mexicans, but enchiladas is a typical Mexican dish, not yours!!!

Anyways, I got green chile enchiladas. I asked the waitress how spicy it was already thinking that her answer was not going to influence my decision in any way (Im Mexican so I can take it, right?).  She says “Extremely Spicy!!”. … That thing was sooo spicy it gave me an ulcer. I was still suffering from abdominal pain a week after. NEVER AGAIN…well until tomorrow!

We also got a prickly pear margarita, which according to New Mexicans, it’s also the State drink.

We went to sleep with stomach pain waiting for the worst. Luckily no explosive diarrhea was present that night.

The next morning we visited the lovely local weekend farmers market at the Santa Fe Railyard.

The market was small, but they offered interesting things and free tastings!!

They sold a lot of mushrooms and goat cheese.

And then, we visited one of the weirdest, incredible, unique, extravagant museums we have ever seen. It is called Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf creates immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. The group’s first permanent installation, launched in March 2016 with support from Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, showcases the THEA Award-winning House of Eternal Return, where guests discover a multidimensional mystery house with secret passages, portals to magical worlds, climbing apparatus, and surreal, maximalist & mesmerizing art exhibits.

After a long line and receiving our 3D glasses you enter the experience through a normal house, we had no idea what lay beyond these doors!

This place is basically a maze where you can touch everything, play with everything and just try to find your way around. We started by entering the other dimension by crawling though the fireplace.

We had to cross the forest of Neon trees.

Finding the black and white universe was probably one of the bests.

The exhibit is composed of nearly 200 artists across all disciplines including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography and video production, virtual and augmented reality, music and audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming and performance, and more. Basically everything.

After some time we somehow ended up in the kitchen from the house, but the entrance was through the fridge!

After investigating the bedrooms, we discovered that the closet has a secret entrance to the future world.

A living room of the future… minimalist.

We then returned to the house to use the laundry room as a slide (worm hole) to the main town.

After crossing the main town, we found ourselves in some Asian universe…

The rest of the day we spent visiting some of the shops near the city plaza. But that will be covered in the next blog post! Stay tuned….

Bonus Pic Of The Day: They had a weird exhibit with miniature worlds where other small animals were present as well. Bizarre…..

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