We started today by visiting the famous Perissa black sand beach. We have never been to such a colorful beach and it was breathtaking.  Most of Santorini’s beaches are composed of dark volcanic sand that gets searingly hot in the mid-day sun.

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The sand is made by these small black rocks that do not stick to you when wet which is an advantage.

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The street next to the beach is full of restaurants and cafes that let you sit in their beach chairs as long as you eat there. The prices are cheap considering you are in such a paradise and we ended up in one of those places for lunch.

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The people here a very good looking and Sarah completely lost it with the waiter; in her words “god looking, most handsome man, wow, I’m speechless, I’m moving to Greeeeeece”. This went on for the whole meal as she couldn’t concentrate which was very funny.

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We waited for the bus that will take us to the ferry port. Here everything is super well organized and the bus will take you to the ferry just 30 minutes before so you don’t have to wait a lot.

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The ferry was more like a cruise experience; this thing was huge with all the amenities inside including a burger joint, cafes, seating areas, lounges, etc…

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You can pay a couple more euros to have a reserved seat like this, very comfortable and always yours in case the ferry gets full and there is no where to sit.

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After 3 hours we arrived at the main port in the Island of Paros. Our hotel was walking distance from the port and ocean facing. Pretty nice room and the owner super friendly.

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We walked along the main street where all the traditional Greek restaurants are located. At the end of the street there is an old windmill converted into a coffeshop/bar where we got a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset.

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After, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant on the waterand then we found this hookah bar packed with groups of kids on traveling tours.  Of course Eitan was very excited for his hookah and then after a busy day went back to our hotel to sleep.  Tomorrow we will have a busy day exploring this island!

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Bonus Pic Of The Day: Whoever does not believe in reincarnation is clearly wrong here. We have photographic evidence that Hitler has reincarnated in a cat and currently living in Greece. I did nazi that coming!

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