Our Next Adventure

WhereisNoodle.com is departing on their next adventure in November 2020.  But no need to book a flight for this one (good thing, given Coronavirus!)  …
On March 9th, we not only got to celebrate 5 years of being legally married, but Sarah found out something else that morning. Somehow she managed to go to work and waited until Eitan came home from work and a trip to Costco (which are loooong for Eitan) to share the exciting news. She disguised the news in an anniversary gift and Eitan was truly in shock and thought maybe Sarah took the test wrong. In honor of their 5-year anniversary, she took it 5 times, all indicating one thing – the Noodles are having a BABY!

Originally, Sarah wanted to tell her parents in person but with COVID-19 stuff getting more real, doing this virtually made the most sense. Aaron and Kim were going to Sarah’s parents for dinner on Friday, March 13th. We tricked them into a FaceTime call and shared the good news!  Let’s just say there were some very very excited people in Glendale that night! Sarah’s parents drove down the next day to see them, but don’t worry, everybody kept 6 ft apart and no hugs were not exchanged. 

On Saturday, we asked Eitan’s sister’s family to come over. Eitan whispered to our cute nephew Noah (tell your mom, “I will be a cousin”), but this did not work until I offered candy in exchange of the favor. So Noah ran up to Eitan’s sister and told her and the excitement ensued. Eitan’s mom Silvia was already diligently quarantining so we also shared the news via FaceTime with her, but this time our niece Einat was the one to spill the beans.  Those adorable kids cant wait to have a cousin!

April 9th – Sarah heard the heartbeat for the first time and Eitan got to tune in via FaceTime. Being pregnant during COVID-19 is unique as they don’t let the fathers attend the ultrasound to minimize the risk of contagion. Hearing that heartbeat was pretty amazing!

April 27th – I had an unplanned ultrasound due to some weird symptoms, so hearing the heartbeat this time was even more exciting. Also, the ultrasound technician made a guess at the gender but Sarah and  Eitan kept their lips sealed, no easy task for Sarah who wanted to announce to the world she was pregnant the moment she found out. You know the quote “Patience is a virtue”? Sarah has none of that… Like zero of that. 

On this very special Cinco de Mayo, that happen to be both, Taco Tuesday and Eitan’s birthday, we received a call with the official gender results.  What a great birthday gift for Eitan as this was especially the gender he was hoping for…….drum roll……dramatic music…….It’s A……. BOY! we just like the color pink for him.

Just kidding… IT’S A GIRL!!!!

And for whoever is wondering. This is officially not a Coronababy, as the baby was conceived before the quarantine!! But one of these is a Coronabelly though…

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