And On The Seventh Day… We Rested

After we arrived from the Annapurna hike we could not resist to walk even more! the lake was beautiful so we walked around until we found a nice restaurant to eat our first real meal. Eitan got a nice real steak and Sarah was happy with a glass of wine.


We continued our walk around the lake but we were really sore so we decided to go chill at a cheap restaurant we found.



All of a sudden a huge storm appear and we were trapped inside the restaurant for about 1 more hour. This was the stronger storm of the trip by far and we were lucky to not get it while we were hiking.


When we went back to the hotel we stopped at the rooftop to enjoy the amazing sunset in the lake.


We are loving Pokhara, the lake is incredible beautiful, the food is great and everything is cheap.


The lake is surrounded by a nice pedestrian path. We walked around to find a nice place that serves wine in nice glasses. (Sarah is now obsessed with wine glasses, she thinks wine tastes completely different if the glass is nice). We ordered some hummus platter as well which was amazing!




Eitan didn’t drink much water and the soreness, wine, sun, tiredness, no food, etc… took a tall on him and he started to feel really sick, like a sun stroke type of thing. He made a scene at a local minimart where he needed to lay down in the shade for a few minutes until his body temperature lowers down. Sarah took perfect care of him as the local population was getting worried for him. After 15 minute of re-hydrating with water and shade, he was fine and continued our journey straight to a restaurant to eat.


Our friends from Tibet, Nathalia and Ramiro joined us at the restaurant to share their Annapurna trekking stories and we walked together to another lakeside restaurants to enjoy the sunset.




We then went to eat dinner at a fancy very good restaurant where we shared a nice bottle of wine and we ordered steaks that were great! We said goodbye to our good friends hoping we will meet again in Argentina, Peru or California some day.


The next morning we were picked up by this luxury bus that would take us to Kathmandu. This bus had seats like first class in airplanes, wifi, lunch included and bus attendant! It was seriously great for the 7 hr ride in bumpy roads.

We arrived in Kathmandu to our hotel we have stayed before, the service here is amazing and they had our room ready. We didn’t waste much time and went on a race to buy the most fake north face items a tourist has ever bought before! We were sending a parcel the next morning so all the shopping needed to happen now! We found a few things worth buy but we didn’t get too crazy either. When opened my bag I found this disgusting Satan’s creature crawling in my clothes, I freaked out like a little girl until the hotel guys came to kill that thing.


After dinner we went to sleep as we were exhausted. All of the next morning in Kathmandu was used to send our souvenir parcel full of fake North Face clothes back to California. After some research we discovered that the process of sending a parcel was similar to India and we got some serious PTSD. We didn’t have a full day to waste to just send a package so this time we used a private courier like DHL which is more expensive but does not involve all that 1850’s bullshit of wrapping the package in cloth, etc… (The package has made it fine to California).

Bonus Pic Of The Day: Nepal shoulders one of the largest burdens of global blindness with around 600,000 people estimated to be blind or partially sighted. There are a number of reasons for the high prevalence of blindness in Nepal but poverty is by far the most common cause. With 25% of the population living in rural areas and below the poverty line, access to medical care and education is extremely limited.

Because of this issue, there are several massage places where the masseurs are blind and deaf people or both. This one was a blind/deaf one and the most famous one in Pokhara, which makes it very funny where they misspelled “Indivisual” on their sign. (we know we shouldn’t laugh but we did, sorry political correctness people).


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