Kamsahamnida Korea!

We started our last day of Seoul by trying on traditional clothes at the hostel. Sarah looked really pretty while I looked like a very feminine gang member.



We walked towards the Namsan Park, this is Seoul’s central park and the Seoul Tower is right there at the top of the hill. We are on a budget so instead of taking the cable car we decided to walk up the stairs. We should have taken a photo of our legs before leaving… We left L.A. with chicken legs, we will come back with Schwarzenegger legs.




At the top we were greeted with a magnificent 360 degree view of this immense city. There is a tradition for couples to put a love lock that signify all those things women like to hear, blah, love, blah blah…. So we did buy one and locked it facing the beautiful city.





We mailed our winter clothes back to L.A. (sorry Elly and Dan if that package is smelly when it arrives in Glendale, we wore the same outfit 10 days in a row..) and continued to the magnificent Incheon airport to travel to Bali (stopover in Bangkok). The food was great on Thai airways, I got this amazing pork coconut curry (take that jews!!) and Sarah got Prawns stir fry (take that Jews x2!!).


We had an 8 hour layover in Bangkok so we decided to check  into a cheap nice Airport hotel for a few hours, this was a very costly mistake! Apparently there is an airport tax all travelers have to pay if you exit customs that is usually  included in the flight ticket. Our Soul-Bangkok-Bali tickets were issued together expecting us to stay the night inside the airport (which we didn’t) so they did not charge us that tax during booking, but they did at check in.  After more than 2 hours of check-in, the most sloth-like immigration officers, miles of walking and a shuttle bus we boarded the new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.


Last Korea thoughts:

We underestimated Korea, I thought it was going to be a worse Japan, but I was wrong, very wrong. Their people, amazing transportation system, free wifi everywhere in the city, the clean streets, toilets with included ass cleaner, their kind and respectful culture, beautiful temples, their history… all these things and more made our trip very memorable and we hope to come back in the future!

But please Korea… stop using fish, seaweed or fish sauce in every single dish…

Bali… here we come!!!!

Bonus Pic: We got served Mangosteen sorbet on the airplane. This is the first time Eitan had ice cream while flying! Go Thai Airways!


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  1. HyungWoo(Clark) Lim says:

    I’ll speak to president of Korea about stopping using fishes. See you soon Lol!


    1. eitannudel says:

      hhaha thank you man!! I did love Galbi though!! haha


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