Welcome to Seoul

Sarah couldn’t find her gloves so we went back to the restaurant from last night and they were sitting exactly where she left him in an outside cubby where she had also taken off our shoes.  We share this story because it displays how nice this culture is, they would never even think of stealing anything despite these nice gloves being left in a street all night long.

We took the train from the city of Andong to Seoul. The day before I researched and memorized how to get to our hostel K-Hostel Seoul, we arrived at the metro station and looked for it for maybe over an hour. A nice guy from a pharmacy was helping Sarah who helped us realize we were on the other side of the city and also, we were looking for the wrong hostel… our hostel name was K-Seoul Hostel. Aaaaaah!!!!

After arriving to our hostel, the nicest lady in the world received us with a korean sushi roll and a tour of the guesthouse which she is so proud to own and takes a great effort in getting to know and help all of her guests. She even insisted on walking us all the way to the subway station to ensure we safely made our way to where we wanted to go.


After resting for a little bit we head out to the incredible area of Itaewon, this area is the foreign zone where everybody from around the world merges here, there are Mexican, Turkish, Indian, Chinese restaurants, bars and clubs in this nice narrow alleys.



I wanted to eat Korean BBQ, the problem is that the minimum order for this places is a lot of meat and very expensive for our budget, so we decided to eat at this restaurant that served a delicious Bulgogi and Bibimbop, a win-win for Sarah and I.


We walked around Itaewon and found this absolutely adorable toy store of the “Line Friends”, which had primarily adults visiting.  We found out later that this Line Friends is a messaging app like whats app used in Korea, the characters of such app became so famous that now they have stores in the busiest streets in Seoul.



Bonus pics: Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is on their smartphones which by the way are all Samsung or LG brand (both korean brands), literally every 3 minutes can you hear the very identifiable “whistle” sms tone.

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  1. danlwolf says:

    Does it feel like cheating to have it be relatively easy to use your English?


    1. eitannudel says:

      Only in certain areas where the expats live we are able to speak English. Not everyone in Soul!!


    2. eitannudel says:

      Only in certain areas where the expats live we are able to speak English. Not everyone in Soul!!


  2. Steve Linesch says:

    Interesting that all Samsung or LG. In Japan, all Apple, I’ll guess for two main reasons: the Japanese dislike for all things Korean and their love for all things American.

    Great travel log.


    1. eitannudel says:

      Exactly, also I’m sure the Iphone here must cost double than any Samsung phone!


  3. Bethany says:



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