Lost in Busan!

We took the three hour KTX bullet train from the super modern Seoul Station to Busan, the train goes as fast as 250 mph (usually takes 6 hrs on a normal train) and enjoyed watching little Korean kids eat weird smelly food as they rode with us in the train.



There is even a little snack cart from where you can buy anything you want!!


We arrived in Busan around 12:30 and that’s when the real adventure began, we wanted to store our luggage in the station in lockers and all of the lockers were full because it was a weekend! We cant figure out why everyone uses lockers but they do.


So instead we decided to head straight to our motel even though check-in wasn’t til 5. This was when we began to learn that NO ONE in Korea speaks English and the maps are all in Korean.  It is not tourist friendly at all.  We took the metro to our station Seomyeon, which is central Busan.


We went to starbucks for help and we couldn’t communicate with them, so we basically wondered for an hour trying to ask for directions, but nobody seemed to help. We were the only tourists in the city!



Eventually this nice little man saw how confused we were and he spoke English!  And he walked us to our motel which is called a love motel.  There are pictures of women everyone and there is a mini strobe light in our room.  But despite that tackiness it is very nice and clean.  We then got to wander Busan without having to carry our luggage and it is fantastic city.  It is lively, clean and has a lot of character.


We went to this huge 13 floor department store called Lotte which had this massive food court and restaurants and basically everything you need in life.  We tried our first weird food, fish tongue and we didn’t die and tried these Korean pancake things with rice inside and green onion on top. We had to point to the menu because it looks good on the picture! One thing we notice is that Koreans do not drink any liquids when they eat… bizarre. There was a movie theater on the top floor which was cool too see the posters in Korean!


We then walked around the city more and found this really neat street with all sorts of weird street food.



We decided to keep the adventure going and tried something we had no idea what it was and by the taste it was some sort of fish gelatin on a stick which seems to be the common street food, I can describe that flavor like the Devils fishy hemorrhoid, so it ended up in the trash after the first bite.



We then officially checked in to our hotel and Sarah within 5 minutes fell asleep.  I guess the jetlag kicked in! 1.5 hours later Eitan and I forced ourselves out of bed to continue exploring.


We went to the Gwangalli Beach that apparently is very lively in the summer but still had life on this cold night.  It had a view of this beatful lit up Gwangan bridge and everyone was using fireworks.  The challenge was finding a restaurant that seemed decent to eat at who we could communicate our order with who had decent prices and being able to take the last metro ride home.  We ended up at around 10pm at a Korean version of KFC…. not bad… not bad at all.


Bonus Pic: Deadpool poster in Korean!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadeem says:

    Ugh! You guys remind me of my friends I went to Japan with. Not appreciating the local food and taking pictures of McDonald’s!


  2. novusentio (Mike R) says:

    Envy has begun! Darn here at work scrolling thru this epic-ness!


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